Dr. Kruschinski

Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Medical Director


Honorary Professor National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kiev, Ukraine
GMC registered specialist (London GMC Ref  No 6142107)
International Adviser of the International Society for Gynecological Laparoscopy (ISGE)
Faculty of SurgeryU.com, the Worldwide Educational Center for Gynecologic Surgery of the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists (AAGL)
International Adviser at OBGYN.net
International Adviser of the Journal of Gynecological Endoscopy and Surgery
Board member of the Society for Lift-Laparoscopy, Endoscopy and Minimal Incision Surgery (LEMIS)
About Dr. Kruschinski

Dr. Kruschinski is medical director of MySurgeryPlace, Adhesiologicum and the Endoscopic Gynecology Centers in Germany.

Dr. Kruschinski has been actively involved in endoscopic gynecology for the past 25 years. He is renowned worldwide as a specialist for this discipline. He has developed Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy, which dispenses with insufflation of carbon dioxide (CO2) together with all its side effects (for more information see www.Lift-Laparoscopy.com). This surgical method is the result of a progressive attempt to render keyhole surgery yet more tolerable as a minimally invasive method and to eliminate the side effects associated with insufflation of CO2. It was also necessary to make this surgical technique simpler and more precise, and this was accomplished by using conventional instruments from open surgery (they are viewed as a standard thanks to having undergone development and modification for more than 40 years) and avoidance of overly long instruments used for gas laparoscopy.

With some 25 years experience and more than 7000 operations behind him, Dr. Kruschinski has the greatest experience worldwide and, at international level, the highest number of operations with the technique of gasless Lift-laparoscopy. His input has led to development of different systems which today are being used in gasless Lift-Laparoscopy. Between 1996-1998 Dr. Kruschinski developed the system VarioLiftGyn. Since 1999 the system AbdoLift™ has been developed and employed for more than 5000 operations by Dr. Kruschinski and his team.

Dr. Kruschinski organizes international congresses, symposia and surgical workshops and tutorials worldwide on gasless Lift-laparoscopy. Under his direction at the EndoGyn® centers or in their native hospitals, gynecologists from the entire world are learning about these modern and progressive further developments in minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Kruschinski's expertise in adhesiolysis surgery

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is specialized in adhesions surgery for over a decade of successful adhesions surgeries on the most difficult Adhesions Related Disorder cases utilizing Dr. Kruschinski’s own method; Gasless Lift-Laparoscopy. Showcasing specific prevention techniques and effective adhesions barriers, all procedures were performed by gasless Lift-Laparoscopy using effective adhesion barriers, followed by an early second-look laparoscopy and in some cases, by a third-look laparoscopy.

By using gasless lift- laparoscopy, he avoids insufflation of carbon dioxide, which has been shown by the aforementioned studies to be a co-factor in adhesion formation. Since wound surfaces are always formed during any surgery because tissue layers are being separated, the formation of adhesions can additionally be prevented by covering wounded surfaces with SprayShield™. Gasless lift-laparoscopy and SprayShield™ is an ideal combination that prevents adhesions formation.

Dr. Kruschinski has now performed adhesiolysis on around 1000 cases since 2001 using the technique of gasless lift-laparoscopic adhesiolysis with SprayGel™ / SprayShield™ application

Dr. Daniel Kruschinski is one of the very few surgeons in the world, who performs a second look laparoscopy (SLL) about seven days after the initial surgical procedure. In Dr. Kruschinski’s experience the risk of adhesions resulting in the need for a subsequent surgery is greatly reduced. He has mastered the required advanced microsurgical laparoscopic techniques and has logged thousands of hours in performing very difficult, time-consuming, risky surgical procedures. Repeat surgery for adhesions in these cases is usually less extensive and does not usually involve the same amount of dissection that led to the formation of adhesions in the first place

Here are some of Dr Kruschinski’s results in general

About 84,9 % are adhesion free at the 2nd laparoscopy at 7 days postoperative.
In those patients who have small adhesion attachments to the surgery sites at the second look laparoscopy 7 days post-operatively, these attachments are removed very easily by simply touching them with an instrument or aqua dissection without any bleeding.
Only 10% continuued with pain after surgery and had a third look laparoscopy in which adhesions were seen to be the cause of pain, the scores were reduced when compared to the initial surgery, especially in grade and severity. In other cases there were other reasons fo pain like adnexal tumor, appendicitis and others.
Thus the success rate of the gasless adhesiolysis with SprayGel™ and SprayShield™ in patients being adhesion and pain free is about 85%.
For Photos of Our Technique of Gasless Adhesiolysis With SprayGel™ and SprayShield™ have a look into some of the images our Endoscopy Atlas. LaparoscopyofAdhesiolysis

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